Full Service Laboratory

Contra Costa Oncology has partnered with MuirLab Services to provide patients with the best professional assistance in the field of laboratory medicine. As the only private practice in Walnut Creek to offer Full Laboratory Services on site, we are committed to providing professional, caring and comprehensive testing.

Chemotherapy Suite & DigniCaps

Our chemotherapy infusion suite is designed for a private, restful experience for our patients. Furnished with recliners, flat screen TVs, and wireless internet capability, the suite is intended to encourage relaxation and help alleviate stress. The nursing station is dedicated exclusively to the monitoring of chemotherapy patients; physicians are on-site at all times.

Contra Costa Oncology is now offering FDA cleared DigniCap for patients undergoing chemotherapy treatments. DigniCap provides scalp cooling for women and men to minimize hair loss from chemotherapy.

The cap is placed on your head 30 minutes before starting the chemotherapy treatment to gradually bring the scalp down to the treatment temperature (pre-infusion cooling). You will then wear the cap during the chemotherapy infusion (infusion cooling time), and for a set period after the completion of the chemo infusion (post-infusion cooling). Depending on drug and dose, the post-infusion cooling time will last from 90-180 minutes. When this post infusion cooling time is completed, the cap is kept on for 5-10 minutes to diminish any discomfort as the cap gradually warms back up to room temperature. Click here to learn more >>

Chemotherapy Physician Dispensary

The physicians and nurses are responsible for managing patients' prescriptions, dosage and formulations, focusing on those medications which best counteract the common side effects of cancer treatment.


Special Services

Contra Costa Oncology provides chemotherapy and biological treatments including monoclonal antibody therapy for cancer and non-cancer treatments such as those for Rheumatologic Disorders. Committed to patient education, we provide information on what to expect at every step in the process of an individual’s treatment. We also offer in-depth patient counseling, as well as an extensive network of support and referral services.


Integrative Health

From acupuncture and esthetic services to nutritional counseling, the goal of our integrative health programs is to increase the effectiveness of conventional cancer treatment programs, while improving the quality of life for our patients.


Registered Nurses

Our registered nurses are specially trained and certified in the administration of chemotherapy and the management of its side effects. All medications are prepared, verified and administered on-site by our registered nurses. They are also responsible for patient assessment and education. With a genuine understanding of patients’ concerns, they strive to provide a strong environment of support, communication, and compassion.